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PKB Marketing, Inc. is a one-stop, single-source Marketing and Strategic Growth Development company. For over a decade PKB has provided an extensive array of marketing, revenue recovery services to our diverse client base, including prominent Fortune 500 companies. We can design and implement, from inception to conclusion, all aspects of your marketing campaign, or we can provide any of our individual services to suit your specific needs.

The Origin and Development of PKB
The founder of PKB, Paul K. Bolotin, has over 20 years of experience in the Direct Marketing industry, first as a computer system software designer/developer, then moving into production and operations management. After honing his technical and managerial skills in the back end of the industry, Paul advanced rapidly and became an executive in sales and marketing. His fervent desire to be entrepreneurial, combined with an extensive understanding of all aspects of the Direct Mail/Database Marketing business, drove him to launch PKB in the mid 80's.

PKB takes pride in it's ability to stay ahead of the curve. Over the past decade they swiftly expanded their services to fulfill the rapidly increasing demands of their clients. They sought answers and solutions to the question of how to survive in the highly competitive world brought on by the Internet, B2B and B2C business revolution. PKB was able to help it's clients in a variety of ways such as:

  • significantly reducing their freight costs an average of 36%
  • helping them stay in the forefront of the ubiquitous world of e-Commerce
  • providing planning and funding to expand their company through mergers and acquisitions
  • creating new marketing ideas to boost their sales and improve market share
  • providing project management expertise to ensure work is completed on time on/under budget
  • gaining substantial refunds from their vendors for past billing errors

At PKB we have always been a “can do” company, which is why we rise to the occasion when our clients ask us to “take the bull by the horns”. We are proud of our ability to mobilize a specific workforce and accomplish the tasks needed to fulfill our client's requirements! As a result of our desire to be helpful, we have developed a comprehensive, synergistic range of services that make PKB a unique and valuable resource that “will always be there” for you.

What Separates PKB from our Competition?
Plain and simple...it is craftsmanship and caring...an intense desire to do the job right and on time! Have you been through any recent frustrating experiences with companies who just “aren't there?”...with receiving the wrong item, missing items, wrong quantity, poor quality...and late delivery. Have you noticed there just aren't many people around anymore who really care or who are real craftsmen? Well, at PKB we're old fashioned. We believe you have to work hard, do the job right, and earn what you get paid!


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