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For over a decade PKB has been providing single source revenue recovery and cost containment services to mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies. Success in identifying and recovering large refunds for overpayments to your suppliers and vendors is precisely why these services are used by companies as diverse as Wal-Mart, Microsoft, PacifiCare, Travelers, Bank of America and Sears.

The best part of the service is no up-front fees or expenses to your company. You are not charged a penny until refunds/discounts are acquired and the cash is added to your bank account. You pay a percentage of the $$ recovered. No refunds, no cost to you. It's that simple.

A staff of over 200 audit/consultant professionals bring you “Senior Level Insider” experience and knowledge in an extensive range of critical expense and purchasing disciplines including telecommunications; surface/air/ocean freight; utility/energy; healthcare; real estate; corporate travel; purchasing; supply chain management; and inventory control.

The non-intrusive revenue recovery process begins with a comprehensive electronic review of all accounts payable disbursements for the past 3 years. Strategically designed proprietary software will identify:

  • Duplicate Payments
  • Overpayments
  • Misapplied Tariffs
  • Discounts Not Taken
  • Errors in Credit/Debit Memos
  • Purchase Order Variances
  • Excessive CAM, MAD, & RET Payments
  • Shortages/Non Delivery
  • Advertising Co-Op Rebates

After all revenue recovery areas are identified, you will be presented with an Assessment Report profiling refund and cost containment opportunities and how they will effect your bottom line.

But it doesn't stop there. The auditors will work with your purchasing department by applying their “Senior Level Insider” knowledge with your vendors, and securing lower pricing in many of your expense areas. They will also assist your accounts payable and purchasing departments by installing a proprietary e-Commerce engine to manage, control, and implement the newly negotiated pricing structures. The e-Commerce engine makes it easy to monitor compliance with all aspects of your purchasing agreements. Every accounts payable invoice is electronically audited to insure all corrected and renegotiated rates, costs, terms, and conditions are applied to all future purchases, regardless of their size or complexity. A web-based custom portal provides on-line real time access to contracted areas by any of your authorized employees, for the purchase of approved goods and services. The goal is to help your personnel obtain the lowest possible price for goods and services without sacrificing the level of quality and support.

Real time reports can be generated by cost center, by internal departments, and by external suppliers. Exception reporting will instantly spot any vendor or employee who is not complying with the implemented procurement policies. You will have quick access to how, by whom, when, and where your corporate dollars are being spent.

In summary, you will gain:

  1. Immediate unexpected cash from a speedy three year back audit.
  2. On-going cost savings from great price discounts.
  3. Real time monitoring of expenses to insure the savings are always in place.
  4. Rapid improvement of your cash flow and bottom line.

Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our experts.

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