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The following segments detail the various aspects of our e-Commerce services. Contact us to utilize our services or arrange a complimentary consultation.

Complimentary Consultation
PKB will be pleased to have one of its experienced Internet professionals review your past/current strategies, listen to your ideas, and offer a number of suggestions aimed at improving your Internet presence.
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Development of Your Internet Concepts & Strategies
After a thorough analysis of your existing marketing and Internet efforts, PKB can assist you in developing and implementing successful e-Commerce front-end marketing programs and back-end operations. We will provide our expertise and support with concept, strategy, planning, structure, functional capability, testing, tracking evaluation and recommendations. As a precursor to developing your strategy, we often recommend utilizing our knowledgeable staff to perform in-depth market research. Their comprehensive reports will enable you to evaluate the competitive climate, further define your target markets, and make well informed decisions to support a successful marketing program.
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Creative Design, Artwork and Written Copy
Once your e-Commerce strategy and functionality has been defined, PKB's creative people can design an overall concept for the layout and "look" of your website. We can also develop a new logo, a new color scheme, create your artwork, and prepare all of the written copy necessary to describe and sell your products and services.
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Development, Installation and Website Maintenance
PKB can provide the knowledgeable, experienced technical staff necessary to customize your interactive e-Commerce application and install it on the Internet. We can include development, registration and activation of your domain name and associated e-mail, Internet search engine optimization, improved web site placement, dynamic e-mail marketing, and all of the leading edge "bells and whistles" you wish (i.e., animation, sound bytes, videos, interactive order taking, online credit clearing, etc.).
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National Network of Computer Resources and Web Hosting
PKB is well positioned to provide large scale, world class Web Hosting services with leading edge, light speed network and system infrastructures that offer 99.99% uptime with money back guarantees. Our complete customized Web Hosting package will transform your web site from a passive device to a dynamic senior management proactive e-Commerce control and marketing tool. PKB's Web Hosting services and infrastructure are easily scaleable so daily hits in excess of a million are the norm, not the exception. Increasing your Web Hosting capacity through PKB eliminates the need to make major capital expenditures normally required to support dramatic growth. All websites must be managed, not simply hosted. This dynamic management is the core of our Web Hosting services. Let PKB's one-stop, one-source structure give your company the added competitive advantage and peace of mind that comes from knowing all your e-Commerce applications are always up and running.
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Business to Business (B2B) Marketing
B2B is a contemporary umbrella phrase that covers all of the Internet transactions/sales conducted by one business to another. It is reliably estimated these transactions will exceed $8 TRILLION by 2004. Transacting business via telephone calls and faxes is no longer cost effective. No company, if it is to remain competitive, can dedicate the time, the financial resources, and personnel to intensive paper orientated operations. PKB's total concept B2B Internet platform will expand your customer base, reduce your cost of sales, and significantly increase the quality of service you receive from your vendors.
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Supply Chain Management (SCM)
SCM is the heart and soul of PKB's B2B Internet platform. SCM encompasses every aspect involved in producing and delivering a final product from your vendor to your customer or your customer's customer. SCM coordinates the functions of requests for quotes, purchase order generation, order taking, order fulfillment and distribution of products, order tracking and management, invoice management, and inventory management. Until now SCM programs have worn a high price tag affordable by only the largest corporations. Fortunately, PKB's low cost supply chain management platform provides you with an alternative. Now businesses of any size can become a part of the B2B Internet supply-chain management revolution that is sweeping the business world today. We will show you how.
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Business to Consumer (B2C) Marketing
B2C is the umbrella phrase that covers all retail Internet transactions conducted between a business and their customers. B2C is the rapidly expanding future of retailing with sales expected to exceed $1 TRILLION by 2004. PKB can custom design, install, host, and maintain all your B2C Internet platforms. Our B2C programs include the most advanced electronic Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM) coupled to the best of breed Real Time Single Customer View (SCV) programs. Combined they will provide you with a seamless real time single view of all your customer transactions whether they contact your company through your Web site, fax, e-mail, call center, catalogue, or in person. PKB is a leading edge supplier of e-Commerce solutions.
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e-CRM with Real Time Single Customer View (SCV)
Today's sophisticated consumers are demanding more information and higher levels of customer service and product support. If your company doesn't satisfy their requirements they are only a click or telephone call away from your competitors. PKB's electronic Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM) and real time SCV programs are designed to make the shopping experience for your valued customers so enjoyable and trouble free they will spend their dollars with your company and not with your competitors. We do this by providing you with a complete and accurate real time view of your customer 24/7, regardless of the number of transaction portals/customer contact points your customer has used to purchase products or make service or information inquires. This allows your customer to simultaneously connect to your sales/marketing, customer service, finance, operations, and shipping & warehousing personnel in real time to obtain answers to all their questions and receive any services they require. PKB's e-CRM and SCV architecture will make it possible for any size company to effectively and profitably compete in the real time 24/365 environment your customers now demand.
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