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The following provides an in-depth description of all our marketing services. Contact us to utilize our services or arrange a complimentary consultation.

Complimentary Analysis and Evaluation of Your Marketing Programs
PKB will be pleased to have one of it's experienced marketing professionals speak with you, review your past/current strategies and hear your ideas and concerns. After we have completed our evaluation, we will present a detailed perspective and offer some insight aimed at improving your marketing program.
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Development of Your Marketing Concept, Strategy, Testing and Tracking
After a thorough analysis of your existing marketing efforts, PKB can assist you in implementing your specific on-going projects, or we can develop an entire new marketing program for you. We will provide our expertise and support with concept, strategy, planning, structure, functional capability, testing, implementation, tracking, evaluation and recommendations. As a precursor to developing your strategy, we often recommend utilizing our knowledgeable staff to perform in-depth market research. Their comprehensive reports will enable you to evaluate the competitive climate, further define your target markets, and make well informed decisions to support a successful marketing program.
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Sales Lead Generation Programs, In-house and Outside
Constant cold calls will burn out your sales people and make them phone-a-phobic. Over the years, PKB has developed a number of very successful sales lead generation programs. We can offer our expertise on a consulting basis, to breathe some life into your in-house sales force by teaching them our innovative techniques, or we can offer you PKB's exclusive, high-powered lead generation service....we'll "beat the bushes" and hand over qualified leads to your sales force. Over the past few years we have been able to generate hundreds of viable leads for our clients. In many instances, we've provided more leads than our clients can manage.
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Creative Design, Developing Artwork and Writing Copy
PKB's creative people can assist you in designing an overall concept for the layout and "look" of your marketing project. We can also develop a new logo, new color scheme, create your artwork, provide photography or illustrations, and prepare all of the written copy necessary to describe and sell your products/services.
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Audio-Video Scripts, Mastering and Duplication
PKB's creative people can assist you in developing concepts and scripts, and we can facilitate the production of an audio or video "master". We can also provide high quality, high-speed duplication of cassettes, CD's, DVD's, etc.
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Media Placement, e-Mail Advertising and Direct Mail
PKB can facilitate the placement of radio, television, e-mail and direct mail advertising. We can help you analyze, evaluate and identify your strategic target markets, and assist in implementing a successful marketing campaign. We will show you how to utilize various forms of advertising to generate interest and drive tons of business to your web site/call center/stores. Hint: a combination of radio advertising in alliance with solo, shared or e-mail is a powerful, cost effective marketing technique that produces great results.
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Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing
All marketing campaigns eventually require telemarketing support. It might be necessary to take orders/clear credit, provide various aspects of customer service, perform follow-up surveys, etc. PKB can provide the knowledge and insight to assist you in implementing your own internal resources, or we can provide highly experienced 24/7 outside services.

Printing Forms, Envelopes, Booklets and Catalogs
PKB has numerous large capacity, high quality, cost competitive resources available to produce all of your printing needs. Over the years we have established direct personal relationships with the owners of these manufacturing facilities, and instilled our intense concern for competitive pricing, quality and timeliness. Sheet-fed, continuous, postcards, annual reports, special inserts, custom 9 x 12's, custom catalogs...our staff has done it all. And we're happy to handle it for you.
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Custom Promotional Products, Boxes and Signs
If you need personalized refrigerator magnets, buttons, badges, pens, golf balls, T-shirts, caps, towels, etc., or you need a customized desk calendar/wall picture with a moving 3-D image on it, we can get it for you. We can also provide special custom-made boxes, POP displays, signs and standees to suit any occasion, and at incredibly low prices.
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Predictive Modeling
The single most important aspect of establishing a successful marketing campaign, especially in Direct Marketing, is determining and defining the best possible target market for the product or service being sold. How exactly do you identify the ideal candidates to receive your message? Which demographics are available? Where do you draw the line in defining the specific criteria? When do you use credit scoring and how do you identify the cutoff? This and more is all part of Predictive Modeling (PM). Don't use it and you might as well throw darts at a board. Any success you achieve without PM is pure conjecture/luck and not likely to sustain itself for any length of time. As a wise old philosopher once said, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there." PKB can assist you with the use and implementation of PM.
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List Acquisition, Demographic/Psychographic Appending
PKB can help you decide which lists are best for your specific application and acquire them for you. We can also have your in-house list processed to append special demographic or psychographic information (i.e., age, income, number of children, buying pattern, telephone number, etc.).
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Database Processing, List Hygiene, Merge/Purge and NCOA
All direct marketing campaigns require 1) an offer 2) graphic design 3) a mailing list. The most important element of the three, by far, is the mailing list. The list must be strategically targeted and it must have the highest possible deliverability. In order to maintain the accuracy of the data and qualify for postal discounts, the list must be processed through ZIP code correction, address standardization, and NCOA. We can provide all of these services in addition to inner-list dup elimination, multi-list merge/purge processing, data warehousing, list segmentation and version/key code assignments.
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Postal Sorting, Discounts, Drop Shipping and Mailing Piece Accuracy
Once a list has been through the hygiene process, the next consideration is the all important postal discount analysis and evaluation. There are many levels of discounts available and numerous factors relating to the construction of the mailing piece that affect the discount. Segmenting the list for multiple "drops," misaligned addressing materials, unacceptable colors/color placements can adversely affect the discount. We can make sure your list has been processed by USPS approved sorting software for the best possible discounts, and all avenues of potential additional postage discounts, such as drop shipping to BMC's or SCF's, zone skipping, etc. have been considered.
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Laser, Inkjet Personalization
The most frequently sought after methods of high speed personalization used today are sheet-fed and continuous form laser or inkjet printing. Each of them have their special place in the overall scheme of mailing campaigns. PKB can provide all of these methods of personalization, and can offer our expertise in helping you decide what type and size of materials to use. Can the paper hold the ink properly? Will my form size fit through the equipment? Will the type of paper I'm using pass through the equipment? Should this form be designed 1-up or 2-up? Which type of personalization is the most cost effective for my project? PKB can answer all of these questions and more.
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Mailing, Lettershop, Bindery and Fulfillment
PKB has numerous large capacity, high quality, cost competitive resources available to produce all of your lettershop, bindery and full service fulfillment needs (including order taking, credit clearing, secured remittance processing, pick/pack/ship). We also can provide the latest computerized, machine technology to perform unusual tasks such as inserting a video or magazine and CD into a polybag, inserting multiple oversized sheets of paper (i.e., FSI's, newspapers, etc.) into an outer wrap, inserting numerous coupons and promotional items into a 6 x 9 envelope in a single pass...all at incredibly high throughput speeds! We regularly manage large mailing projects with multiple inserts, in the hundreds of thousands and millions of pieces, however, we are also willing to handle small projects with the utmost care...whatever our client needs.
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Product Warehousing and Inventory Control
We can provide well organized, large capacity storage for your products. There are general areas designated for non-volatile items and special high security areas for high profile items. We utilize several time-proven operational procedures, and state-of-the-art software to insure accuracy of counting, storing, tracking and reporting your inventory. In addition, one of our experienced personnel, who is aware of the materials you have coming in, will personally inspect a cross section of everything (for accuracy and quality) and verify the quantities received are the quantities expected. Any anomalies spotted are always reported to our clients immediately.
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Freight and Shipping Discount Consulting
Many years ago PKB recognized our clients need to find resources that were capable of reducing their costly freight and shipping expenses. After a lengthy and thorough review of the various companies available, we found two consulting firms whose capabilities far exceed their competition. Both companies receive no up-front fees, and are compensated on the basis of a percentage of the sizable cost savings they achieve. They are able to work with your existing carriers (Fedex, UPS, Airborne, etc.) and convince them to issue significant discounts. One of them specializes in domestic shipping, while the other specializes in domestic trucking and foreign shipping. They have reduced our clients freight and shipping costs on average a whopping 36%!
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Project Management and Customer Support
Many companies' customer support personnel are re-active, or in-active , which eventually results in poor, untimely communication and client frustration. At PKB we take pride in being 100% pro-active. Our highly experienced personnel constantly monitor your projects to insure all performance schedules are met or exceeded. Our customized e-mail compliant follow-up systems will keep your designated personnel continually apprised of the status of all aspects of your projects. Let us take charge of your marketing projects and you will appreciate a whole new experience in worry-free service. We will eliminate the headaches of repetitious, tedious follow-up so you can use the hours you gain back to concentrate on running your core business.
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